Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by the Bay | Singapore’s new icon

This is Marina Bay’s newest iconic landmark , Gardens by the bay . Gardens by the Bay open its door to the public on June 29th 2012 . With the Gardens by the Bay , Singapore is truly a city in a garden .

Gardens By the Bay | Location

Gardens by the bay is situated next to Marina Bay Sands and it occupies a land area of 101ha . It comprise of 3 waterfront gardens , Bay South , Bay East and Bay Central . This $1 billion , Bay South garden at 54ha is the largest of the 3 water front gardens , is now open to the public . The garden is designed by a UK landscape architecture company , Grant Associates .

The Garden by the bay is created for all Singaporeans and her visitors a place live , work and play in a garden setting in a city . This is a garden to showcase horticulture and great garden artistry . Its also recognize Singapore , not only as a garden city , but truly a city in a garden . With the new garden , locals and visitors can look forward to a more enriching lifestyles and recreational activities in the city . This garden showcase a great diversity of flora and fauna from around the world so that people can better appreciate nature and greenery , that mother nature has to offer . There is a great to educate and establish relationships between people , plants and nature and also environmental sustainability in this fragile world that we lived in . With the great diversity of the types of flora and fauna not commonly seen , everyone now can have a chance to see them better and closer to home , under one roof . There are 2 giant glass bio-domes , or conservatories – Cloud forest and Flower domes . These domes comes with cutting edge technologies to provide energy efficient solutions to cool these domes . For more information about this technology and self sustainability , see the report.

Gardens by the bay 0003 Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay | Supertrees

The garden by the bay was actually a piece of reclaimed land . One of the main feature of the garden are the tree-like gigantic structures called , Supertrees , all 18 of them at a height of 25m to 50m . These Supertrees are equipped with solar cells to power up the lights at night . These Supertress are actually vertical gardens to showcase a variety of bromeliads , ferns and tropical climbers . There is also an aerial walkway , 128m long OCBC Skyway , 28m high , which connect 2 Supertrees , offering a bird’s eye view of the fantastic Marina Bay . Visitors can watch the OCBC Light and Sound show for free at 7:45pm and 8:45pm daily.

Gardens by the bay | Cloud Forest

The Cloud forest of Gardens by the bay is suppose to mimic the cool and wet climate of between 23 deg C to 25 deg C . This climate is typical to those found at regions between 1000m to 3500m above sea level such as Mount Kinabalu and South America elevated areas . There is a 35m cloud mountain with vegetation and it comes complete with a huge man-made waterfall . Sometimes one get to see the man-made specially created mist to simulate as if you are on a mountain top . One can literally see the tiny water droplets .

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